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22 March 2006: Our paper presenting the AWED language and its implementation in DJAsCo will be presented at AOSD 2006 in Bonn!

25 November 2005: New JAsCo release online: 0.8.7, first 100% MacOSX compatible JAsCo release!

Previous News:

  • 11 Februari 2005: The JAsCo team received an IBM innovation grant 2005!
  • 8 Februari 2005: New Website online!
  • 1 Februari 2005: Stateful Aspects in JAsCo article accepted at SC 2005!

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JAsCo Projects

  • JAsCoDT: A JAsCo plugin for the Eclipse IDE platform.
  • JAsCo kernel: Command-line tools and jars for JAsCo for Java.
  • JAsCoCME: A JAsCo plugin for the Eclipse concern manipulation environment.
  • JAsCo.NET: A JAsCo implementation for the .NET platform.
  • JAsCoME: A JAsCo implementation targeted at Java enabled embedded devices.

JAsCo Related Projects

  • PacoSuite: A visual component composiiton environment with support for visually composing JAsCo aspect beans.
  • WSML: A Web Services Management Layer Implemented using JAsCo
  • FuseJ: Successor project of JAsCo.
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