JAsCo.NET is an aspect-oriented extension for the Microsoft .NET platform. Similar to the original JAsCo language for Java Beans, JAsCo.NET introduces two concepts: reusable aspects and expressive connectors. In addition, JAsCo.NET provides support for specifying aspects on specific Web Service interactions. At the implementation level, a new backward compatible, “aspect-enabled” component model is employed, which contains built-in traps that enable to interfere with the normal execution of a web service. The JAsCo.NET component model allows flexible aspect application, adaptation and removal at run-time. This flexibility is valuable and sometimes even required as some web services should stay online as much as possible.


More information coming soon!

Problems or questions?

Problems, questions and comments can be send to Davy Suvée


Download link: JAsCo.NET Version 0.1

This implementation is a first prototype of JAsCo.NET. Not every JAsCo feature is supported at the moment.

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft .NET SDK 1.1
  • Windows XP. Any other os is not tested at this moment and parts of the program might fail.

Installation intructions:

  1. Unzip JAsCo.NET to <installdir>
  2. Browse to <installdir>
  3. Add JAsCo.dll to the Global Assembly Cache by executing following command: gacutil /i JAsCo.dll
  4. JAsCo.NET is configured

JAsCo.NET Tool-suite test instructions:

  • The test application uses a Web Service. Make sure you are connected to the internet!
  • Browse to <installdir>
  • Transform WebApplication.exe by executing following command:
 DotNetTransformer /reference:<installdir>\JAsCo.dll /out:<installdir>\TestApp\WebApplicationAdapted.exe  <installdir>\TestApp\WebApplication.exe      
  • Compile the EasyAspect.asp aspect by executing following command:
 CompileAspect /reference:<installdir>\JAsCo.dll /out:<installdir>\TestApp\Connectors\EasyAspect.dll <installdir>\TestApp\EasyAspect.asp
  • Compile the Upper.con connector by executing following command:
CompileConnector /reference:<installdir>\JAsCo.dll;<installdir>\TestApp\Connectors\EasyAspect.dll /out:<installdir>\TestApp\Connectors\Upper.dll <installdir>\TestApp\Upper.con
  • Run the <installdir>\Introspector.exe tool in the <installdir> and open the AdaptedWebApplication.exe to enable or disable the Upper connector.
  • Run the <installdir>\TestApp\AdaptedWebApplication.exe. A visual application should pop up. Fortune coockies are displayed in upper or lower case depending whether the Upper connector is enabled or disabled.
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