Getting Started With JAsCo

To get started with JAsCo, we recommend you to read the following paper to get you started:

Alternatively, you might read the following three papers that cover specific topics of the JAsCo language in more detail than the paper above:

  1. Suvee, D., Vanderperren, W., and Jonckers, V. JAsCo: an Aspect-Oriented approach tailored for Component Based Software Development.In Proc of international conference on aspect-oriented software development (AOSD), Boston, USA, march 2003. [download paper]
  2. Vanderperren, W., Suvee, D., Cibran, M. and De Fraine, B. Stateful Aspects in JAsCo. In proceedings of SC 2005, LNCS, April 2005. [download paper]
  3. Vanderperren, W., Suvee, D., Cibran, M., Verheecke, B. and Jonckers, V. Adaptive Programming in JAsCo. In Proceedings of AOSD 2005, ACM Press, Chicago, USA, March 2005. [download paper]

Afterwards you could install the JAsCo development tools for Eclipse and try the two example projects also available here. When you’re done, you can start following the online manual in Eclipse to make your own JAsCo artifacts. Please refer to the documentation section for more in detail information on the language and tools.

Alternatively, when you don’t want to use Eclipse (not recommended for starters), you can download the JAsCo kernel and command line tools.

Have fun!

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