JAsCo Kernel and Command Line Tools

Not recommended for starters! Use JAsCoDT for easy JAsCo development.

System Requirements:

  • JDK 1.5 is required
  • Windows 2000/XP or Linux; any other os is not tested at this moment and parts of the program might fail.

Installation intructions:

The documentation section contains installation and testing instructions as well as an overview of the JAsCo language and tools.

Latest JAsCo Release Download

Latest public build: JAsCo 0.8.7 (revised 2005-11-25 16:29:02)

Latest public build information: Release Notes

Problems or questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Older Release Builds:

More info: Release Notes 0.8.5M4

More info: Release Notes 0.8.5M3

More info: Release Notes 0.8.5M2

More info: Release Notes 0.8.5M1

Latest Development Build Download

Our subversion repository supports anonymous access for checking out the latest build. For more information how to do this, go here.

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