Core Team Members

Responsibility Active Since Contact
Wim Vanderperren Main JAsCo project leader; JAsCo kernel developer 01/04/2002 http://ssel.vub.ac.be/Members/wvdperre
Davy Suvee JAsCo.NET and JAsCoDT project leader 01/04/2002 http://ssel.vub.ac.be/Members/dsuvee
Bruno De Fraine JAsCo kernel developer, development infrastructure management 01/10/2004 http://ssel.vub.ac.be/Members/BrunoDeFraine
Niels Joncheere JAsCoDT developer 01/02/2005 http://ssel.vub.ac.be/Members/NielsJoncheere
Luis Daniel Benavides Navarro DJAsCo developer 01/01/2005 http://www.emn.fr/x-info/lbenavid/


  • Geert Lambrechts: beta testing
  • Dimitri Verspecht: first .NET implementation
  • Maria Agustina Cibran: beta testing
  • Bart Verheecke: beta testing
  • Frederik Vannieuwenhuyse: Linux compatibility, beta testing
  • Joris Elsocht: Eclipse plug-in, beta testing
  • Niels Joncheere: JAsCo2EE, beta testing
  • Dennis Wagelaar: beta testing, JAsCoME, Linux compatibility
  • Karel Bernolet: JAsCo CME project
  • Len Feremans: JAsCo CME project
  • Luis Daniel Benavides Navarro: Distributed JAsCo
  • Sergio Castro: distributed cflow


Interested in joining the JAsCo team? Please contact us for more information on research positions centered around Aspect-Oriented Software Development and JAsCo with the possibility to obtain a PhD.

Developers WIKI

Internal wiki for registered JAsCo developers: developers:main.

UpComing Events


Past Events

20 April 2005 University of Antwerp, Belgium Aspect-Oriented Software Development presentation
9 April 2005 Software Composition 2005, Edinburgh, Schotland Stateful Aspects in JAsCo presentation
17 March 2005, 18h AOSD 2005, CME BOF, Chicago, USA JAsCoCME: Supporting JAsCo AOSD in the Concern Manipulation Environment demonstration
17 March 2005, 10h30 AOSD 2005, Chicago, USA Adaptive Programming in JAsCo presentation
15 March 2005, 12h15 DAW 2005, Chicago, USA Jumping Aspects Revisited presentation
16-17 June 2004 Research Demonstration @ ECOOP 2004, Oslo, Norway A Web Services Management Layer for the selection, integration and management of web services demonstration
16 June 2004 AOP symposium of the Belgium Java User Group JAsCo in practice presentation and short demonstration
15 June 2004 Eclipse Technogoly eXchange (eTX) @ ECOOP 2004, Oslo, Norway JAsCo AOP in Eclipse poster and demonstration
2 May 2004 Software Evolution and Aspect-Oriented Programming Symposium, Ghent, Belgium Automatic runtime evolution of web services with JAsCo dynamic AOP presentation
21 April 2004 ETRO-VUB seminar Aspect-Oriented Programming presentation
30 March 2004 eTX 2004, Barcelona, Spain Supporting JAsCo AOP by means of Eclipse demonstration
24-26 March 2004 AOSD 2004, Lancaster, UK JAsCo&WSML: AOP for Component-Based Software Engineering applied to a Web Services Management Layer demonstration
22 November 2003 NCWS 2003, Vaxjo, Sweden JAsCo.NET:Capturing crosscutting concerns in .NET Web Services presentation and demonstration
23 October 2003 VSP Event, Heverlee, Belgium An overview of JAsCo presentation and demonstration
6 June 2003 CISTEA 2003, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil JAsCo for Linking Business Rules to Object-Oriented Software. presentation
10 April 2003 ETAPS 2003, Warshaw, Poland PacoSuite & JAsCo: A visual component composition environment with advanced aspect separation features. demonstration
19 March 2003 AOSD 2003, Boston, USA JAsCo: an Aspect-Oriented approach tailored for Component Based Software Development. presentation

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