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ECOOP 2003 Workshop

Correctness of Model-based Software Composition (CMC)

Usually, the development of a software application is subdivided in several sub problems according to the different concerns. The difficult task is the composition of the corresponding resulting solution spaces. This is already a well-known problem and it appears in different disciplines where composition is necessary: patterns, modules and frameworks, object-oriented-, component-based-, aspect-oriented and generative software development.

Two important problems in composition are: first how to model the different assets (such as components, features or aspects) and second the composition of assets such that consistency and correctness is guaranteed. The first problem has been addressed in the Workshop on Model-based Software Reuse (ECOOP 2002). The latter problem occurs when dealing with, e.g., component interoperability, aspect weaving, feature interaction and (on a more abstract level) traceability between different views or models. Conventional object-oriented modeling languages (like the UML) are used for communicating user requirements and system designs, but fail to support the composition of separate parts or views

One approach to deal with the composition problem is to use models allowing to (a) check their interoperability, (b) check correctness of the configuration of assets, (c) predict properties of the assembled system (especially compliance with user requirements), and d) apply suitable resolution algorithms in case of problem detection.

The workshop concentrates on this model-based approach to enforce correctness and consistency of software composition. As a result of the workshop the organisers would like to see a common understanding on which properties such models must have to ensure consistent and correct composition of assets.

2008-09-04 19:41:07 - Dennis

The SSEL news page and feed have been switched to the Dokuwiki blog plugin. The previous system, based on MySQL, will no longer be used. The new RSS feed can be found at http://ssel.vub.ac.be/ssel/_feed/news

2008-06-04 10:36:09 - Dennis

PlatformKit Servlet now uses automatic platform discovery. The PlatformKit Servlet now includes the PlatformKit Discovery Applet, which automatically generates a platform description ontology. This is a step towards real-world application of Platform-Driven Deployment. The instant messenger example can be found at http://ssel.vub.ac.be/platformkit/instantmessenger/.

2008-05-29 13:27:31 - Dennis

PlatformKit 1.1.8 is out! PlatformKit can now use
OWLAPI (also used internally by the Pellet reasoner) directly. This results in a significant overall speed-up, as Jena was previously the bottleneck. Read all about it in the release notes.

2007-06-07 16:28:40 - Dennis

The PlatformKit tool (
http://ssel.vub.ac.be/ssel/research:mdd:platformkit) uses platform ontologies to reason about platform dependencies introduced by model-driven software artefacts, such as models and model transformations. The generation of these ontologies also serves as a use case for the Eclipse MoDisco project (http://www.eclipse.org/gmt/modisco/useCases/).

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