CoBro - First Class Flexibility in Smalltalk

CoBro is a framework illustrating the feasibility of a practical Concept-Centric Coding (C3) environment. So it provides support for 1) documenting an implementation with domain concepts and 2) building malleable software that embraces variability. Since CoBro has a partial metacircular implementation, it also illustrates the power of using a domain meta layer for building flexible software.


The CoBro environment is implemented in Smalltalk. The particular Smalltalk implementation used is VisualWorks Smalltalk. A free non-commercial version of VisualWorks Smalltalk exists for all major platforms so normally you should be able to use CoBro on your particular installation.

A poster in which we briefly illustrate the main points of this research track is available for download. A brief overview and a number of code examples can be found in a recent presentation given at Benevol 2007. A detailed installation procedure is presented in the Download section.

If you are interested in porting CoBro to different Smalltalk implementations (or different programming languages altogether) then please contact me.
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