Call for Papers

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Workshop on Challenges in Model-Driven Software Engineering

To be held in conjunction with the MoDELS 2008 conference

Toulouse, France


MoDELS'08 is already the eleventh conference on UML and Model-Driven Engineering, Languages and Systems. After more than a decade, research in MDE has significantly evolved.

Model-Driven Engineering is about creating, transforming, generating, interpreting, weaving models using modelling languages, tools, etc. But still a lot of fundamental and practical issues remain. Therefore this workshop wants to address the question of how to proceed next and wants to identify the future challenges in MDE.

The objective of the workshop is to provide a forum for people from academia as well as industry people to

  • identify obstacles to MDE research and practice,
  • facilitate transfer of research ideas to industry,
  • propose “revolutionary” novel ideas, and
  • proclaim important challenges that are either fundamental or pragmatic.

Consider to submit the challenges you feel are important, or to submit your revolutionary ideas or your new ways of thinking about MDE. The workshop seeks original research statements. Papers with a long term vision, providing revolutionary new ideas and “grand challenges” in model-driven software engineering are particularly welcomed.

Submission Guidelines

Authors are invited to submit an extended abstract of about 5 pages in LNCS style. It is important that these abstracts concisely communicate the challenges presented. This should include a description of an important current problem in MDE that needs to be addressed, as well as one or more suggested approaches to tackle this problem.

The program committee of this workshop is rather a selection committee and will pay attention to the novelty of presented ideas. 'Hard' problems, 'long-term' challenges and 'revolutionary' ideas are particularly welcomed.

Each author is also required to propose a top 3 of the challenges/ideas he/she would like to see discussed during the workshop.

Electronic submission is required. Please send your abstract and challenges in PDF format to ChaMDE at ssel dot vub dot ac dot be.

Important Dates

  • deadline for submissions: 04/08/2008
  • notification of authors: 01/09/2008
  • workshop date: 28/09/2008
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