First International Workshop on Challenges in Model-Driven Software Engineering

Workshop held in conjunction with the MoDELS'08 conference, Toulouse, France.

The workshop was great! We had a lot of participants and very nice presentations and dicussions. The presentations are online on the workshop organisation page. Also the slides of the summary of the discussions of the four break out groups are available.


MoDELS'08 is already the eleventh conference on UML and Model-Driven Engineering, Languages and Systems. In the meantime the state of research and practice has significantly progressed. Nevertheless, there are still many open problems and shortcomings of current-day model-driven software engineering. Therefore, during this workshop we raise the question of how to proceed next, and we want to identify the future challenges in the field of MDE. This workshop aims to be the place to disseminate new and revolutionary ideas, to discuss future challenges, and to encourage new ways of thinking in the field of MDE.


The objective of this workshop is to bring together people from academia and industry in order to

  • identify obstacles and shortcomings in today's MDE research and practice;
  • facilitate transfer of research ideas to industry;
  • provide a vision on the future of MDE;
  • propose “revolutionary” novel ideas; and
  • proclaim important challenges that are either fundamental or pragmatic.

Consider to submit the challenges you feel are important, or to submit your revolutionary ideas or your new ways of thinking about MDE. The workshop seeks original research statements. Papers with a long term vision, providing revolutionary new ideas and “grand challenges” in model-driven software engineering are particularly welcomed.

For more information, send an email to ChaMDE at ssel dot vub dot ac dot be

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