====== Software Composition 2007 ====== {{etaps.gif }} Satellite event of [[http://www.di.uminho.pt/etaps07/|ETAPS 2007]]. ===== NEWS ===== * **08 March 2007:** Pre-Proceedings available for download! [[AcceptedPapers |Go Here]] * **16 Feb 2007:** Preliminary program online: [[schedule]] * **05 Feb 2007:** List of [[AcceptedPapers|accepted papers is online]] * **05 Feb 2007:** Don't forget: Early registration deadline 12 Feb 2007! Register online [[registration|here]]! ===== Software Composition Symposium ===== Satellite event of [[http://www.di.uminho.pt/etaps07/|ETAPS 2007]]. The goal of SC 2007 is to bring together the research and industrial communities in order to address the challenges of the component-based software development approach. SC 2007 will be the sixth symposium on software composition in the SC series that seeks to develop a better understanding of how software components may be used to build and maintain large software systems. Therefore, submissions relating theory and practice are particularly welcome. Suggested topics of interests include, but are not limited to: * Composition and adaptation techniques * Composition languages, calculi and type systems for such systems * Semantics-based composition and analysis of component systems * Verification, validation and testing techniques * Dynamic composition and reconfiguration * Aspect-oriented programming * Composition issues in industrial-strength component systems * Software composition in pervasive computing environments * Composition of active documents * Compositional web service design and implementation A flyer of the event can be {{callforpapers.pdf|downloaded here}}. ===== Sponsors ====== {{ ifip.gif?50x100}} {{ ibm_logo.jpg}} {{ aoeurope.jpg?200x70}} Co-Sponsored by [[http://www.ifip.org/|IFIP]]. Co-Sponsored by [[http://www.aosd-europe.net/|AOSD-Europe]]. Supported by [[http://www.ibm.com/|IBM Zurich]].